Hazz (elfreakokid) wrote in tradethis,

2003 UK tour bootlegs.


MEN Arena, Manchester
Westpoint, Exeter
CIA, Cardiff (partial)
Nottingham... Place (awful quality)

Coming soon, apparently:

SECC, Glasgow
Wembley, London
NEC, Birmingham

Anyone want?
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birmingham plzktnx

dunno what i have to trade tho :/
Well, I haven't got it yet, so think of something while you wait :P

Or send me a blank CD.
ah yes, if all else fails i could send a cd... i don't really have anything that you wouldn't already have :D
You have MEN Arena, Manchester? Cool, I was there. I wouldn't mind a copy, if you please :o) Doubt I've anything you don't already have, what with my inferior connection *takes opportunity to kick AOL* So, would sending the blank cds be okay?
i've got the nottingham one, it IS shit isn't it?

i'd like the
manchester and exeter one if possible :)
I'd mega appreciate Wembley.

Any news on the Wembley DVD?
Not an official one, no. If they have any sense whatsoever, they'll release the Exeter gig, anyway.
Why Exeter? Better setlist?
Not especially, but it's more meaningful than the Wembley one. Last gig of the tour, homecoming gig, etc.