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And I'll Love You

And I'll Love You

and I'll love you
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'lo. Woo, another Muse community! But this isn't just another place for you to rave about Dom's arse, or anything, it has an actual use. This is a trading community, similar to thirftstoreuk. Basically, you join, right? Request/put something up for sale/trade. Wait for people to reply. Sort out stuff. Get your new (old) Muse gear, and everyone's happy!

You can sell/buy almost anything Muse-related except bootlegs. Bootlegs are to be traded or donated by kind people. Looking for a bootleg of a particular show in France in 2000? Request it, and you might get lucky. I've got about 6 gigabyte's of bootlegs/live videos, so I might be able to help you out, and hopefully as the amount of users grows, the amount of stuff available will grow. This is especially good for you slow gimps on 56K who can't get their hands on the latest bootlegs. So... yeah.

B+P - It all depends on the trader, but it's usually 2 blanks for a bootleg. You usually pay the postage, too.

I think that's about it. If everything went well, leave the person you dealt with some feedback.